Macho Man Randy Savage and Andre the Giant Big Rubber Guys Presale Begins

Earlier this year, the Major Wrestling Figure podcast started their second wrestling figure line. First was Major Bendies, an homage to the Just Toys Bend ems line. Now we have the first line that actually gets LJN style figures right: Big Rubber Guys. Today, Big Rubber Guys takes their line to the next level with the preorders beginning for Andre the Giant and Macho Man Randy Savage. Not only do we get an exquisite Macho Man that is a much superior design than the original LJN, but we finally get a full sized Andre the Giant. Check that. TWO Andres; one in blue and one in black. The original LJN had him bending the knees to get him in  the standard packaging. This Andre is taller than all the others! You can order your Andres and Macho at or by clicking the image below.

Series 1 of Big Rubber Guys was Brian Myers and Matt Cardona figures, the owners of the line. They said on the podcast that they chose themselves because if it didn’t work out, it only affected them. These two constantly bet on themselves and as usual, the bet comes up $$$. Each of their figures sold out and it gave them the confidence to go for series 2.

Series 2 got the attention of all WWF/WWE fans when it was announced that Demolition would be the next release. In the old LJN line, we only got Demolition Ax but series 2 finally gives us the Smash plus a chance for chases of each one! These went up for preorder back in the summer and are currently on the boat heading to the United States. Even better is each figure has a red-faced chase possibility!

You can see the original red faced Ax LJN side by side the new Demolition Big Rubber Guys.

Series 3 broke with the “normal” release of just 2 figures. This time we got preorders for Rocker Marty Jannetty, Sgt. Slaughter, and the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Flair is in his iconic 80s look, Sgt Slaughter has a removable hat, and Jannetty is in his Rockers gear. Too bad we can’t get a Shawn Michaels Rocker fig to join him. Or can we?

Prototype of the BRG Ric Flair

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