Funko’s NYCC Pops and More Go On Sale Today

For old time Funko fans, New York Comic Con is often the 2nd most anticipated con each year for exclusives. NYCC 2023 is no acception as today marks the kickoff of the yearly convention.  Check each retailer now to find the ones you want!

This image shows the Pops you can get at

In addition , you can get a Halloween Box of Fun at themed after  four characters, Rusty Steel, Jack Carver, Sid Fishious, and Phil D. Graves.  Each Heavy Metal Halloween Box of Fun comes with a Pop! mascot that correlates to your chosen team as well as three (3) mystery SODA collectibles and two (2) mystery Pop! collectibles. These mystery items are limited edition, ranging from 500 pieces to 6,000 pieces produced.

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By Matt Norris

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