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I’ve made updates before but as some of you know, my youngest daughter almost died of a rare genetic heart condition a couple years ago. She’s doing great and is now a sophomore in high school. During that time my focus turned to her.

A side effect of this was that my interest in Funko torpedoed. I still get a few here or there. Hello those Muppets Christmas Carol Pops are awesome. But I just don’t have the passion to report on them. Plenty of other social media accounts surged past me and good for them. I use them now. Dis Collectibles, Funko Pop News and more. Check em out!

I have had an offer for this url because it is valuable and for now I haven’t sold. I might get a great offer in the future and I sell. But for now, I’m going ot use this site as way for me to write or just share what I like and for now, that’s wrestling figures. I might add something else if it intrigues me but I just wanted to give people a head’s up.

Thank you,

Matt Norris

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