Pop! Review: The Great Mouse Detective Collection

For today’s review, I take a look at three Funko Pop! Vinyls that were released last year… and just so happen to be from one of my favorite Disney Animation films. A riff off the famous character Sherlock Holmes (created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) and based off the Basil of Baker Street children’s books series by Eve Titus, here are Basil, Olivia, and Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective.

While I find Olivia an interesting addition to this collection (I would have thought a third character included would have been Dr. Dawson, Basil’s trusty partner… or maybe Fidget, Ratigan batty minion), I love that FUnko decided to create Pop! Vinyls from this movie. Released in 1986, this movie, along with The Little Mermaid and Aladdin are credited for the launch of the “Disney Renaissance” in animation.

In the film, Olivia’s father is kidnapped by the evil Ratigan, and Olivia “hires” Basil to help find and rescue him. The three designs of these characters match their movie personas splendidly.

Basil of Baker Street

Olivia Flaversham 


If you grew up with Basil of Baker Street, these Pop! Vinyls are a perfect addition to your collection. If you want to get them, check out our friends over at Entertainment Earth.

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